1. The Affiliate Marketer must be a Multiplier. For purposes of this agreement, a Multiplier is someone who has caught the bolder and bigger vision of Ripple VAs.


  1. The referral of the Affiliate Marketer must be a new client to qualify for points.


  1. The Affiliate Marketer will have a unique link which they can share to their prospect referral. The same link will also serve as their referral code. 


  1. Affiliate Marketers will receive a 5% commision for every successful sale.


  1. Affiliate Marketers will receive their earned points/commission once they reach the amount of $100 and it will be released every 15th and 30th of every month. Affiliate marketers can view the status of their referral through their personalized dashboard.


  1. Affiliate Marketers must have either a Paypal or Payoneer account to receive their incentives. The account must be registered with or noted by the Finance Department. 


  1. The Affiliate Marketing Program will take effect starting March 2023, onwards, until otherwise terminated by the Ripple VAs’ management. 


  1. The Ripple VAs reserves the right, in its sole discretion to alter, amend, modify, change, or discontinue any of the Affiliate Marketer Program terms described above without prior notice.


  1. By participating in the Affiliate Marketer Program, you agree to and are bound by its Terms and Conditions in its entirety.


  1. Any breach of the terms and conditions would give rise to claims for indemnity should it result in any loss, damage, or injury to any party of the agreement.